The Shipwreck Coast of Victoria stretches from Port Fairy, through Peterborough to Cape Otway, a distance of approximately 130km. There are approximately 638 known shipwrecks along Victoria’s coast, although only around 240 of them have been discovered. A significant number of these occurred along the Shipwreck Coast, and five in Peterborough’s immediate vicinity, namely:
The Schomberg 26 December, 1855 Schomberg Rock  (Peterborough front beach)
The Young Australian 28 May, 1877 Curdies Inlet  (Peterborough front beach)
The Newfield 29 August, 1892 Newfield Bay (Peterborough front beach)
The Falls of Halladale 14 November, 1908 Massacre Bay  
The Antares late 1914 Bay of Islands  

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Bay of Martyrs
Beautiful Bay of Martyrs is an open, 2.5 km long, south-west facing bay containing numerous reefs and sea stacks. The shoreline is composed predominantly of 10 m high, red limestone bluffs. Within the bay are several smaller bays and beaches, two of which are named Massacre Bay and Crofts Bay. Massacre Bay is the site where, in 1908, the Falls of Halladale met her fate against the reefs (photo top right).

Bay of Islands
The Bay of Islands is a photographer’s delight, especially at sunset. The Coastal Park stretches for 33kms, from Peterborough almost to Warrnambool.  It is a narrow strip of coastal heathland supporting many rare flora and fauna species, including the rufous bristlebird, with spectacular ocean views across sheer limestone cliffs, offshore islands, towering rock stacks and other striking rock formations that characterise the area.

Childers Cove
Childers Cove, situated 25kms west of Peterborough, offers stunning scenery and secluded beaches. It is also the site of a further shipwreck in the Children (1839) where 38 lives were lost.  Although it’s a little bit off the beaten track, we highly recommend you take the time to visit Childers Cove (and preferably with a picnic basket!)

Apostle Coast Aviation
To view this world famous coastline from the air, we highly recommend you take a scenic helicopter flight with Apostle Coast Aviation, departing from Peterborough Airport. There are three flight path choices available, ranging between 10 and 25 minutes long, and from the Bay of Islands to the Twelve Apostles. For more information call 0427 959 019, or click here.

London Bridge, the Arch, Loch Ard Gorge and the Twelve Apostles
Having visited our own Childers Cove, Bay of Islands and Bay of Martyrs, we recommend you take a short, 10 minute drive east to Port Campbell, and stop to view London Bridge and the Arch along the way.  Just beyond Port Campbell you will find Loch Ard Gorge and the Twelve Apostles.  For guided tours of this spectacular coastline by land or by sea, we recommend you visit Port Campbell Tour Company and Port Campbell Boat Charters.

PORT CAMPBELL (East – 13.7 km / 10 mins)
This peaceful seaside resort, the base of a small crayfishing industry, is in the centre of Port Campbell National Park on the Great Ocean Road. Port Campbell is a colourful and lively seaside village, home to restaurants and cafes with views to the beach. There are also many vibrant shops to explore. A comprehensive collection of artefacts from the famous Loch Ard and other local wrecks is on display 7 days a week at the Port Campbell Visitor Information Centre, ph 03 5598 6035.

TIMBOON (North East – 22.2km / 19 mins)
Timboon Railway Shed Distillery - phone 03 5598 3555.
Timboon Icecream - phone 0407 684 086.
Mouse Trap Café L’Artisan Cheese - phone 03 5598 3244.
Timboon Berry World - phone 03 55983240.
Mackieson Highland Beef & Pies – phone 0400 969 222 (by appointment only).
Paaratte Eel Company – phone 03 5598 5364.
Schulz Organic Farms – phone 03 5598 3803.

PRINCETOWN (East 30.3km / 25 mins)
Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park (open every day 9:00am – sundown) – phone 035237 5262.

CORRIEMUNGLE (East – 27.8 km / 27 mins)
Apostle Whey Cheese  - phone 03 5598 7367.
G.O.R.G.E. Chocolates – phone 0488 557 252.
Newtons Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery – phone 03 5598 7394.
Gum Valley Patchwork – phone 0427 943 201.

WARRNAMBOOL (West – 52.1km / 40 mins)
Whale Watching - phone 1300 637 725.
Tower Hill - phone 1800 637 725.
Worngundidj – phone 0428 318 876.
Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground - phone 1800 637 725.
Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum – phone1800 556 111.
Horse riding - phone 0408 589 546.

LAVERS HILL  (East – 61.5km / 52 mins)
Otway Fly Tree Top Adventures - phone 03 5235 9200.
Melba Gully Glow Worms - phone 1300 137 255.
Melba Gully Rainforest Walk - Triplet Falls - phone 1300 137 255.

CAPE  BRIDGEWATER (West – 165km / 2 hrs 10 mins)
Seals by the Sea – phone 03 5526 7247.
Seal Point at Cape Bridgewater is the largest mainland group of seals in Australia, home to over 1000 Australian & New Zealand Fur Seals and is one of the most popular natural attractions in the South West. A three minute boat ride from the jetty will take you alongside the rock platform and into the Watery Cave where you will experience a unique interaction within the seals' natural habitat.
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