Diving and Snorkelling

Peterborough offers some of the best snorkelling and shore diving access along the Great Ocean Road.

The shallow reefs and bays have a thick coverage of kelp and other seaweeds, while the many small ledges and caves are lined with gorgonians, sponges and zoanthids and are occupied by crayfish (or rock lobster), sea stars and other invertebrates. Common fish life includes leatherjackets, boxfish, wrasse, morwong, perch, wobbegongs, blue devilfish and the occasional conger eel.

Although the seas are wild at times, many excellent dive sites can be explored in calm weather by boat. Several of the area’s historic shipwrecks are in quite shallow water, making them easily accessible when conditions are suitable. These include the Newfield, Lydia, Children, Antares and Napier. A permit is required to dive protected shipwrecks such as the Loch Ard and the Schomberg.

For local diving and snorkelling tours, we recommend you visit Port Campbell Boat Charters, located only 10 minutes to the east of Peterborough. Various diving charters are available, including open water and advanced dives.

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