Pet Friendly Accommodation

Your (well behaved!) pets are very welcome by prior arrangement. The property is fully fenced and, at just over 1020 sqm, offers plenty of freedom for your pets to run around. The front gate has a wire gauge of 27cm x 11cm, with only a 12cm clearance underneath.

Food and water bowls have been provided, as well as towels (after a swim at the beach or to wipe muddy paws). You will, however, need to bring any necessary bedding for your pet and we ask that you do not let your pet into or on any beds or furniture - refer terms and conditions

There are many spectacular beaches in Peterborough where you are free to exercise your dog off the leash year-round.

The exceptions to this are:

Restricted area
The front / main beach, between the bridge and the monument at the Southern end of Irvine St, between 9am and 6pm every year, during the period 1 December to Easter Monday inclusive;

On-leash areas
Dogs must be restrained by a leash when in the following places:
• The area bound by and including Hamilton and Irvine Streets, and Schomberg & Halladale
  Roads (this includes Robertson Street); and,
• The children's playground and barbecue area in Irvine Street.
• On trails and beaches between the Bay of Martyrs car park heading east into Peterborough
  township. Dogs are not permitted on Bay of Martyrs beach because of the presence of
  Hooded Plovers.
• On the trail and beach at Sandy Cove in the Childers Cove area
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