There are many surfing options along this stretch of coastline. Due to the rugged nature of the landscape the majority of these locations are, however, best suited to the more experienced surfer - or as one website I have visited puts it, 'pros or kamikaze surfers'!

Easter Reef, located mid-way between Peterborough and Port Campbell, is one such location.

Australian surfer, Adam Melling, after winning the 6-Star O'Neill Coldwater Classic, was quoted during an interview with Jordan Brunt of Surfing World Magazine as saying "For Christmas I went down to Peterborough in Victoria, to visit my girl's side of the family. I got some real fun waves down there surfing with a couple of the young local groms".

Just to the east of Curdies Inlet in Peterborough, you'll find a sandy beach that can be good on small summer swells for a pleasant, 'no pressure' surf. It is also suitable for beginners, which is rare in these parts! Best months are from November through to March.
Beware of rips.

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